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Speech After Long Silence : Of Poetry and Consciousness
by Noga Arikha

Folkloristic Commentary
by Joseph Campbell

Martha Nussbaum, Poet's Defender
by Alan Jacobs

Manifestations of the Supernatural According to Simone Weil by Diogenes Allen
> Simone Weil and the Intellect of Grace
by Matt Matros

Tragedy in the Philosophical Age of the Greeks: Aristotle's Reply to Nietzsche
by Michael Davis

The Arca Foederis at the Abbey of Saint-Denis
by Niki Clements

excerpts from Reading with Diana
by Kathleen Hill

A Path Out of Middletown:
The Life of Helen Merrell Lynd, 1896-1982

by Christine Biancheria & Susan Frietsche

An Iliad for Our Time: Walcott's Caribbean Epic Omeros by William Shullenberger

Science and Metaphysics in the Three Religions of the Book by Toby E. Huff

Figuration and Secularization: The Movement of History by Meira Kensky

Forms of Representation in Hindu-Javanese Temple Sculpture by Kristine Marx

The Figure of the Reader in Ann Lauterbach's and Susan Howe's Poetry By James McCorkle

Democratic Intimations of the Continental Reformation by Elfie Raymond
      >  Keeping the Promise by Janna Turoff,
a response

Signs of Plenty: The Altar of Verdun
by Elfie Raymond

Three Discreet Easy Pieces Launching Debate
by Elfie Raymond
(Providence, RI, REALIA Conference 2004)

Conversing with History:
> Introductory Remarks to Bill Moyer's Sarah Lawrence Faculty Panel on Joseph Campbell

> Snippets from the 1996 Helen Lynd Colloquium at Sarah Lawrence


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