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Nathalie F. Anderson 2000 Poetry Contest Finalist
"The Slaking"
"Elemental Tourist"
"Shirt of Nettles, House of Thorns"
David Baker
Poetry Contest Judge and Language Exchange Contributor
"Late Blooming Roses"
Eavan Boland Language Exchange Contributor
"What Language Did"
"At the Glass Factory in Cavan Town"
Anthony Deaton

2000 Poetry Contest Winner and Poetry Contest Judge
"The Refusal"
"Question and Answer"

Martin Jude Farawell 2001 Distinguished Entry
"Take and Eat"
Beth Ann Fennelly 1999 Contest Finalist and Poetry Contest Judge
"The Impossibility of Language"
"Letter From Gauguin's Daughter"
"Turning Twenty-Nine" and Remarks from the 2000 Reading
Monica Ferrell 2001 Distinguished Entry
Michael Heller 1999 Poetry Contest Finalist
"Stanzas At Maresfield Gardens"
"Water, Heads, Hamptons"
"At The Muse's Tomb"
Allan King 2000 Poetry Contest Finalist
"Quartet in Significance"
"Miscellany of Healing Prescriptives from the Ancient Analphabetic"
"Thunder Into Lilies (a Cycle of Six Meditations)"
Kate Knapp Johnson Language Exchange Contributor
"Poor Soul"
"Seeing, in Three Pieces"
Ann Lauinger Language Exchange Contributor
"Coleridge After Dejection"
"Souvenir of Segesta"
Phillis Levin Poetry Contest Director, Judge, and Language Exchange Contributor

"Chalk and Ash"
"Springtime Soliloquy"
Debra Marquart 2001 Distinguished Entry
"The Way of Fire"
James McCorkle 1999 Poetry Contest Winner and Language Exchange Contributor
"The Instance of Water"
"Reading Bashø to My Daughter"
"What is Wanted"
"My Daughters’ Discourse on Beauty, As June Begins and the Bombing Continues"
"Deer at the Corner of the House"
"Following a Windbreak into Woods"
"Looking East, From Pre-Emption"
Remarks from the 1999 Poetry Reading
Betty Davis Miller 2001 Distinguished Entry
"The Catheterized Heart"
Isabel Nathaniel 1999 Poetry Contest Finalist
"The Beholder - A Tale"
C. Mikal Oness 2001 Poetry Contest Finalist
"The Handworm's Hipbone"
April Selley 2000 Poetry Contest Finalist
"Live House Turning: Tokyo"
"Studying Stone"
Larissa Szporluk 2001 Poetry Contest Finalist
Jon Tribble 2001 Poetry Contest Winner
"The Canals of Mars"
"The Spider's Surah"
Mark Wunderlich 2000 Poetry Contest Finalist
"Dream of Archeology"
"Landscape Dream #7"


Burton Bradley 2000 Essay Contest Finalist
"SOS: In Search of the Sacred"
Sandra Conant 2000 Essay Contest Winner
"Of Mud and Magic"
D'Arcy Fallon 2001 Essay Contest Finalist
"Glazed Raised"
Martin Feldman Language Exchange Contributor
Bush v. Gore:  Whither Art The Rule of Law? Courts and Politics
Amy Fries 2000 Essay Contest Finalist
"Losing My Religion"
Toby E. Huff Language Exchange Contributor
Science and Metaphysics in the Three Religions of the Book
Daniel John 2001 Essay Contest Finalist
"Dust to Dust, Ashes to Children"
Meira Kensky Language Exchange Contributor
Figuration and Secularization: The Movement of History
Kristine Marx Language Exchange Contributor
Forms of Representation in Hindu-Javanese Temple Sculpture
James McCorkle 1999 Poetry Contest Winner and Language Exchange Contributor
The Figure of the Reader in Ann Lauterbach's and Susan Howe's Poetry
"Infinities of Islands": Reconfigurations of Crusoe's Island in the Work of Bishop, Coetzee, Tournier, and Walcott
Elfie Raymond Democratic Intimations of the Continental Reformation
Signs of Plenty: The Altar of Verdun
Plato's Therapy? a presentation for the SLC Language Circle
William Shullenberger Language Exchange Contributor
An Iliad for Our Time: Walcott's Caribbean Epic
Kate Small 2001 Essay Contest Winner
"Getting Word"
Various Conversing with History: Snippets from the 1996 Helen Lynd Colloquium at Sarah Lawrence