Campell Corner Language Exchange


-- What Words Can Do --

This new experimental section of the Language Exchange publishes poems and stories which teach through the experience of the author, and give insight into what words can do.

The General History of the Air, Defined and Begun
by Jon Tribble

All Ideas from the Sea and other poetry
by Tom Moore

Conjuring a Language
by Kymberly Taylor

Preponderance of the Small and other poetry
by Jan Lee Ande

Letter to My Aunt and other poetry
by Laura McKee

Han Shan at Bear Cove
by William Shullenberger

The First Language and other poetry
by Alison Watkins

Avesnes: Reading In Place
by Kathleen Hill

--What Students Do with Words--

Escaping the Quaking Priapus of Prince Uday
by James Welsch
>A Response by Corey Williams

On the Alliance of Poetry and Philosophy
> a letter to Elfie concerning poetry
by Niki Clements
> An Essay on three poems by Anna Swir
by Adam Jones

On Plato's Timaeus
> Response to the Timaeus: Passages 28 and 35-36b
by Shuba Gopal
> Re-collections of Timaesian Teleologies
by Maggie Monroe Richter
> Necessity and Chance in the Timaeus
by Greg Seiffert

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