Campbell Corner Language Exchange

Discussion Topics

Speech After Long Silence : Of Poetry and Consciousness
by Noga Arikha
Delivered at the 2005 Campbell Corner Reading

Three Discreet Easy Pieces Launching Debate
by Elfie Raymond
(Providence, RI, REALIA Conference 2004)

Pakistan's Foreign Policy:
Responding to current global and regional dynamics

by Riaz H. Khokhar
Foreign Secretary of Pakistan

The New Century
by Linsey Abrams
In commemoration of 9/11/2001

Manifestations of the Supernatural According to Simone Weil
by Diogenes Allen
> Simone Weil and the Intellect of Grace
by Matt Matros

Martha Nussbaum, Poet's Defender
by Alan Jacobs

Where is Solon When We Need Him?
by Elf S. Raymond
(Bretton Woods, REALIA Conference, 2002)
> Applicability of the Hippocratic Healing Method, a response
by Niki Clements

Post 9-11
The Philosopher of Islamic Terror
With God on His Side
I am Iraq
(New York Times Magazine)

IRAQ: Sumer to Saddam
The Glory of Baghdad
(Wilson Quarterly)

Agonies of Globalization
Bush vs. Women
(New York Times)
Pain Swallowed by Silence
(FAO Newsletter Land, Food, and People)
The Free-Trade Fix
(New York Times Magazine)

On Ontological Parity and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
by Janna Turoff

Panic in Proportion: The Case for "Open Source" Science by Shuba Gopal

Aftershocks: Reflections on the Implications
of September 11 by W. Michael Reisman

Shakespeare and Hegel: a Confrontation
by Jean Goldschmidt Kempton

by David Baker
An Elegy about the Adolescent Sovereign Self