"He [Aristodemus] woke up when it was nearly dawn and the cocks were already crowing. Once he'd woken up, he saw that the others were asleep or had left, and that Agathon, Aristophanes and Socrates were the only ones still awake, drinking from a large cup they passed from left to right. Socrates was engaged in dialogue with them. Aristodemus said he couldn't remember most of the argument, because he'd missed the start and was half asleep anyway. But the key point, he said, was that Socrates was pressing them to agree that the same man should be capable of writing both comedy and tragedy, and that anyone who is an expert in writing tragedy must also be an expert in writing comedy. He was getting them to agree to this , though they were sleepy and not following very well; Aristophanes fell asleep first, and Agathon fell asleep when day was already breaking."

(Plato, Symposium, Christopher Gill, tr., Penguin Classics, 1999)

Myth's innovations
Obscure with their artifice
Truth's disenchantment.