Recent Papers

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Three Discreet Easy Pieces Launching Debate, 44th REALIA Conference, Providence, R.I., August 2, 2004.

Where is SOLON (640-560) when we need him? (The Pattern), 42nd REALIA Conference, Bretton Woods, August 12, 2002.

Democratic Intimations of the Continental Reformation: Erasmus, Zwingli, and Bullinger

I. Erasmus 1464-1536: Man of the Middle

II. Huldrych Zwingli 1484-1531: Soldier of Christ - The Double-Edged Sword of Obedience, 40th REALIA Conference, Bretton Woods, August 21, 2000; published in Contemporary Philosophy, vol. XXII, no. 3&4, August 2000.

III. Heinrich Bullinger 1504-75: Man of Reconciliation, published in Contemporary Philosophy, Vol. XXIII No. 3&4, August 2001.

IV. Reformation in Crisis -"Learn history: so learn your place in Time": Reformation Slideshow

Signs of Plenty - The Altar of Verdun, an Experiment in Pedagogy on the web, lecture with slides at Columbia University seminar on religion, fall 1998. Published on Campbell Corner, spring 2000.
Plato's Therapy? a presentation for the SLC Language Circle, February 2, 2000.
Report on the 20th World Congress of Philosophy, Boston, August 10-15, 1998.
Footprints of Reason:A Post-Post-Modern Essay, 20th World Congress On Philosophy, Boston, 1998.
Pain Swallowed By Silence, WCARRD Conference, Rome, 1979.
On the Future of Cities: A Premature Report, AAAS Conference, Boston, 1981.
In Praise of Donkeys, lecture with slides at the NEH Seminar in Political Philosophy, Summer 1992, Norhtwestern University.
On the Authority of Conscience, Contemporary Philosophy, Volume XVII, no. 3.
The Future Comes by Itself. Progress Does Not. (Sketch of Georg Lukacs' intellectual development, written as a late Tribute to the Hungarian Revolution of 1956)
The Remains of the Night (For Karl Barth), Lecture at the New York Psychoanalytic Institute, January 6 1994. Subsequently published in Contemporary Philosophy.