Elfie S. Raymond


Selection Recent Papers

Report on the 20th World Congress of Philosophy, Boston, August 10-15, 1998
Footprints of Reason:A Post Post-Modern Essay, 20th World Congress On Philosophy, Boston, 1998.
Pain Swallowed By Silence, WCARRD Conference, Rome, 1979.
On the Future of Cities: A Premature Report, AAAS Conference, Boston, 1981.
On the Authority of Conscience, Contemporary Philosophy, Volume XVII, no. 3.
The Future Comes by Itself. Progress Does Not. (Sketch of Georg Lukacs' intellectual development, written as a late Tribute to the Hungarian Revolution of 1956)
The Experiment as Mediator Between Subject and Object by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (E. Raymond tr.)
The View from San Francisco Bay, Key note speech, Lynd Colloquium, 1992.
Comments on the Dialogue in Heaven Sarah Lawrence Humanities Colloquium, October 31, 1995.
The Remains of the Night (For Karl Barth)
Lecture at the New York Psychoanalytic Institute, January 6 1994. Subsequently published in Contemporary Philosophy
Signs of Plenty: A Study in Scriptural Semiotics, SSH, Sarah Lawrence College, 1991; Columbia Univ. Seminars on Religion, Fall 1996.
Whither Equality?, Realia Conference, Opening Address, Boulder, Colorado, 1986.
Strategic Ambiguity in Plato's Menexenus, Lecture Report, Plato Seminar,
GTU Berkeley, 1991.