Panel 8: TREASON (replacement panel from the 14th century)

Virtue: LARGITAS; Liberality

a) The Killing of Abel (Genesis 4:8)

Circumscription: Vipereo more Cain Abel perimit ore
"Cain, by the tongue of the snake, leads Abel to his ruin"

b) The Kiss of Judas (Matthew 26:47-50; Mark 14:43-46; Luke 22:47-48)

Circumscription: Osculo te Christe tradit traditor iste
"O Christ, this traitor commits treason with a kiss"

c) Joab Kills Abner (II Samuel 3:27-32)

Circumscription: Alloquitur plande Joab hunc perimitque nefande
"Joab deceives (Abner) with words and murders him viciously"