Virtue: OBEDIENCIA: Obedience

a) Isaac's circumcision (Genesis 21:4; 18:11-15)

Circumscription: Flet circumcisus Ysaac tuus o Sara risus
"The circumcised Isaac, you Sarah once chuckled over, is crying"

b) Christ's circumcision (Luke 2:21)

Circumscription: Nostra tulit Christi caro vulnera vulnere tristi
"Christ's body suffered the pain of all our wounds"

Comment: the circumscription interprets the circumcision as foreshadowing the crucifixion.

c) Samson's circumcision

Circumscription: vulnere digna reis notat istum iussio legis
"The commandment of the law marks him with a wound due to offenders"

NB: The circumscriptions follow strictly the order of the altar's schema, but the pictures of this panel have been mistakenly re-arranged after a fire in the fifteenth century: a) depicts Samson's circumcision instead of Isaac's; c) Isaac's instead of Samson's.