Virtue: FORTITUDO; Courage, Resilience, Strength

a) End of Servitude in Egypt (Exodus 12:7-30)

Circumscription: Sanguine plebs postes munit necat angelus hostes
"The people safeguard their doors with blood and the angel inflicts retribution on their enemies"

b) The destruction of hell (this episode is not in the gospels but is a patristic common place)

Circumscription: ius domuit mortis tua Christe potencia fortis
"Your superior power, O Christ, conquered the law of death"

c) Samson rends the Lion of Tinmath (Judges 14:5-6)

Circumscription: Vir gerit iste tuam leo mortis Christe figuram
"Christ, this man is a figure of yourself and the lion a figure of death"