Panel 10: EMOTIONS (original panel lost; sentimental sequence from 14th century)

Virtue: SOBRIETAS; Sobriety

a) The snake persuades Eve to pick the forbidden fruit (Genesis 3:3-6)

Circumscription: Innuit hoc factum Christum de stipite tractum
"This event points to Christ's deposition"

b) Three Maries holding Christ's corpse and weeping with John the beloved disciple (no supporting verse from scripture)

Circumscription: Hii corpus ducis tollunt ab arbore crucis
"They take down the body of the leader from the tree of the cross"

c) The King of Jericho's Deposition (Joshua 8:29)

Circumscription: Secundum legem deponit vespere Regem
"According to law the King was taken down in the evening"