Virtue: VIRTUS: Virtue

a) Annunciation of Isaac (Genesis 18:1-16)

Circumscription: Huic sobolis munus promittit trinus et unus.
"The threefold One promises him (Abraham) the gift of offspring."

Comment: the banner at the image center says, in Latin, ‘tres vidit et unum adoravit', i.e. ‘He saw three and worshiped one', a slogan that projects a trinitarian doctrine retroactively into Genesis 18:22 and has no scriptural warrant apart from the figurative method.

b) Annunciation of Christ (Luke 1:26-38)

Circumscription: Ex te nascetur quo lapsus homo redimetur
"You will give birth to him by whom fallen man will be redeemed."

c) Annunciation of Samson (Judges 13:2-5)

Circumscription: Hostibus in molem generabis femina prolem
"Woman, your son will be the enemies' nemesis."